A review of the grizzly man a documentary by werner herzog

After he and Amie become the first and only people to be killed by bears in the park, the bear that is guilty is shot dead. As another example, Treadwell claimed he had "gained the trust" of certain bears, sufficient to approach and pet them. Herzog shows us the footage that Treadwell eventually wanted to use for his own wildlife documentary, but not quite as the man intended it to be seen.

But he also angrily claimed, in some of his looniest soliloquies, that he was "protecting" the bears from poachers or even the federal authorities. The underlying thesis of the film is not that every computer is HAL from A bumble-bee expired while it was doing the pollen thing.

What is his purpose in spending all this time among the grizzlies. If we didn't already know Timothy Treadwell's awful fate, it would be enough to say: Treadwell is living in a fantasy world, one in which he can Letterman had joked that Treadwell would be eaten by a bear. A little of both, of course.

The awful truth was that he did not add anything to our knowledge of bears, and that any supposed danger these animals were in, living as they did in a protected national park, existed only in Treadwell's over-heated, self-dramatising imagination.

Yet nothing else will do. Werner Herzog is a passive aggressive genius.

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Never does the audio of Treadwell's death get aired. We see the bear that probably devoured him and the woman. He frequently commits a documentary no-no by including his off camera voice as he interacts with subjects, calling them refugees, sympathising with their obsessions, and offering randomly hilarious hyperboles.

Herzog goes on to offer a darker opinion; that nature is indifferent and its disposition is something closer to murder. I will be a master.

Treadwell yoo-hoos wildly like Robin Williams at the bears who lope up to him: As machines become smarter and people less so, artificial intelligence bridges the gap with the natural beings on the Earth.

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At times Herzog by implication sympathetically links Treadwell with his former principle star and sparring partner, the late mad eccentric actor Klaus Kinski. It will stay with you for days. It was later than he ever stayed and the bears he knew and had names for were hibernating now, replaced by new unknown and more hostile and nasty animals.

Herzog notes that nature is cold and harsh.

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On the last occasion, an airport official infuriated him by questioning the validity of his ticket and he turned around with his girlfriend -- who was afraid of bears!. Werner Herzog's documentary film about the "Grizzly Man" Timothy Treadwell and what the thirteen summers in a National Park in Alaska were like in one man's attempt to protect the grizzly bears.

The film is full of unique images and a look into the spirit of a man who sacrificed himself for nature. Feb 03,  · The visionary German director Werner Herzog is cinema's magus of madness, obsessed with isolating obsession and off-kilter outsiders.

Author: Total Film. Dec 06,  · "grizzly man" was the second film i watched over the christmas holiday that included a troubling, tragic death of its protagonist!

Grizzly Man

"vagabond (sans toit ni loi)" was a gripping account a middle class girl's descent into self-imposed homelessness and vagrancy. "grizzly man" was. What 'Grizzly Man' tells us about Werner Herzog. The Movie Review: 'Grizzly Man' Christopher Orr. Jan 10, Grizzly Man, the most extraordinary documentary of (yes, better than the.

Feb 23,  · This film is possibly my favourite documentary in existence. Werner Herzog struck gold here and I bloody love it. Grizzly Man Review Samantha Selby.

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Grizzly Man: Werner Herzog's Vile. On Werner Herzog’s Documentary Grizzly Man: Psychoanalysis, Nature, and Meaning []. John W. White. Introduction. Few documentaries in recent years have received as much acclaim as Werner Herzog’s film Grizzly Man (), a narrative exploration of the life and death of amateur grizzly bear expert and wildlife preservationist Timothy Treadwell, who supposedly lived unarmed among grizzlies.

A review of the grizzly man a documentary by werner herzog
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