Annotated bibliography on four peered reviewed

I was interested in this article because it explains other causes of deforestation that did not cross my mind at first. They are well known because they write about the changes in the environment and new scientific discoveries. Hottel, presents a variety of charts and tables of properties of fuels and combustion systems.

When trees are cut down a large amount of carbon dioxide is released into atmosphere, which causes global warming.

Deforestation results from selective logging or forest fires. When a piece of land has been struck by deforestation it is going to take a long time for it reestablish its natural properties. This source is a scholarly article that is peered reviewed and written in The author also used a lot of sources in his work, which shows that he is educated on the topic of deforestation.

This scholarly article is primary source because it consist of documental studies. Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects Global warming, an issue that many people have stowed in the back of their heads, will become a more prominent issue in these coming years due to deforestation.

Since this research focuses on the cause of deforestation. Although these figures may be high, these are the only emissions during the production and operation of poly- and mono-crystalline modules and the energy produced by these systems saves the combustion of fossil fuels that produce all three of these gases in excess.

As humans continue to mine more and more, the numbers trees that are chopped down starts to increase. Are scholarly and peer-reviewed articles the same thing. Some drawbacks of the technology are start up cost and the use of large amounts of delicate desert environments.

Bartok is also a member of the FQ research group a toxicity research foundation composed of other researchers and professionals. On the other hand, firewood collection is also another cause of deforestation because it is used as a fuel source in third world countries like Guinea.

More than half of the amount of timber collects is considered to be illegal. Annotated Bibliography Anderson, Anthony B. Deforestation has been a major issue since the 20th century, this mean that a huge arsenal of sources to choose from.

Annotated Bibliography Revision

This causes a major problem, in both short term and long term. A challenge that I would have to face in my research is finding useful sources that fit my research questions. Wind Power Installation, Cost, and Performance.

Balat in January Each of the peer-reviewed articles must include a complete reference that is correctly formatted in APA style as outlined by the Ashford Writing Center and an annotation of five to six well-eveloped sentences in your own words that summarize the source and describe its applicability to your selected topic.

When a piece of land has been struck by deforestation it is going to take a long time for it reestablish its natural properties. It is a peer reviewed internationaljournal that has been published since This author of this article has done a lot of past research on positive effects of palm oil.

Trees also help control the amount of rainfalls to help prevent large amount of floods and soil depletion.

Energy and Environmental Science Annotated Bibliography

Bartok and Sarofim are well known for other contributions in the field such as the journal for Multi-stage process for combusting fuels containing fixed-nitrogen chemical species and the journal Nineteenth Symposium on Combustion. Renewable Energy and the Enviroment. Solar energy technologies can have positive impacts on communities.

In the article the authors outline problems with oil production, such as the waste piles of oil shale self-ignite from time to time. This book also has a chapter completely filled with sources. Strachan, Scotty, et al. In addition, the rising temperature causes the soil to lose their moisture and therefore, impacting crop growth and yield.

Topping, K. J. (). Implementation fidelity and pupil achievement in book reading: Variation between regions, local authorities and schools. Annotated Bibliography Original; Annotated Bibliography Revision.

Reflection; Chief Illiniwek. Chief Illiniwek Orginal; This article is also peered reviewed and was written in This scholarly article is primary source because it consist of documental studies. This is a scholarly article that has graphs and a four-page citation. Annotated Bibliography on four peered reviewed journals Abstract This paper is an annotated bibliography on four peered reviewed journals which focused on the following areas: Big Data, Business Process Re-engineering, Information Systems in Education and Information Systems Security.

Sep 20,  · Annotated Bibliography for the Article Review Final Paper. Research and create an annotated bibliography of five peer-reviewed articles that were published within the last 10 years and relate to the article you selected in Week Two for your Article Review.

The peer-reviewed articles you select should be researched in the Ashford. An annotated bibliography is a working list of references—books, journal articles, online documents, etc.—that you will use for an essay, research paper, or project. Although there are no strict formatting guidelines for the annotated bibliography itself, each.

An Annotated Bibliography. Proposal: It was written in and was not peered reviewed. It also talks about how global warming is becoming a major problem as time goes on. This is a scholarly article that has graphs and a four-page citation. This source is scholarly because it has statistical graphs and mathematical equations.

Annotated bibliography on four peered reviewed
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