How to write a concert review article

You can approach the concert manager to receive an official list of compositions played in the concert. As you hone your reviewing skills, read concert reviews in larger publications, getting a feel for writing that excites and captures the spirit of the show.

Listen to the newest album as well as some of the band's classic tracks in advance to get a feel for its music if you are not already familiar with it. This is why you need to listen to the source material at least a few times to let it sink in.

Note down Your Observations This is the most critical phase. Review Introduction Review introduction includes all the concrete details.

Writing a Music Review

To write a concert review, you must have a good understanding of music. Your description format may vary according to the music genres. In addition, mention if the audio event was held late night, or earlier in the evening.

Itzhak Perlman, making his 82nd appearance with the New York Philharmonic walked onto the stage with the help of his crutches accompanied by composer Alan Gilbert to a wonderful round of applause from the audience. However, if your reader has an in-depth musical understanding of different genres, and music pedagogy, your review must incorporate technical details as well.

Reading good writing helps influence your own writing. Although review writing encapsulates different domains, it has one aim, which is to evaluate.

How to Write a Concert Review

If you managed to follow all five steps and answer all of those questions with more then a Yes or No, you probably have a pretty decent concert review. When you write a review, be constructive, be entertaining, be fair and be yourself. Who did you see. If you managed to follow all five steps and answer all of those questions with more then a Yes or No, you probably have a pretty decent concert review.

Your feelings towards a musician can be spotted easily, and after this, the credibility of your review will be zero. However, for music teachers, it is all about strengthening their understanding of music theory, instruments, composition, and expression of emotions.

Concert Review About the Author Kathy Adams is an award-winning journalist and freelance writer who traveled the world handling numerous duties for music artists.

There might be quite a large range of knowledge of classical music: Bottom Line Overall, review writing is a long process and is different from other genres. After a brief tuning up by the orchestra, conductor Alan Gilbert who is the first native New Yorker to lead the Philharmonic, made his entrance to an ovation by the crowd before the orchestra began "The Fountains of Rome", written by Ottorino Respighi in as part of his Roman Trilogy.

The next five pieces featured violin solos by Itzhak Perlman with accompaniment by the Philharmonic orchestra. What do you want to tell them. In the third movement 'Pines of Janiculum', the warmth from violist Cynthia Phelps balanced Dicterow's pleasing light tone and this movement featured a recording of a nightingale singing which was beautiful to hear with the orchestral accompaniment.

State your reasons why the performances were outstanding, average or terrible to justify your opinion. We love to hear what actual fans think about the shows they attend, not what some critic thinks about a band they have never even listened to before.

The fourth piece was "Theme from Schindler's List" written by John Williams and at his request Itzhak Perlman had preformed the theme for the soundtrack which was also dedicated to the Israeli born Perlman and won a Oscar for Best Original Score in They expect a reviewer to reflect on the concert as a product.

There are certain common things that almost every reader wants to know about a piece of music.

How To Write A Concert Review Step One:

You can write about any aspect of the concert: the musicians, the pieces played, the sound, the atmosphere, how it all made you feel. The most important thing is that your writing should be lively, vivid and interesting: you want to give your readers a taste of what it was like to be there.

How To Write A Concert Review Step One:

A music review is not a genre where you need to write lengthy academic content; words is more than enough. Just keep in mind: it should be high quality writing.

If you like the artist on whose music you are writing a review, try not to be biased. - Concert Review of the Cabana Boys The Concert involved a variety of instruments performed by the "Cabana Boys." Each of the band members included: alto and tenor saxophones, a trombone, a trumpet, keyboards, bass guitar, drums, and percussion.

Young writers: How to review a concert

To complete this lesson you will: write a review of a journal article. THE 21st CENTURY. CONCERT REVIEW OUTLINE AND GUIDELINES Outline format and guidelines for required Applied Music student concert reviews.


It is not merely about reflecting on the musicians. You need to evaluate the time, location, venue and audiences’ engagement to write a concert review. Writing a quality concert review comes down to paying attention, doing a little research in advance and listening objectively, even if the band doesn't play your favorite genre of music.

Young writers: How to review a concert How to write a concert review article
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How to Write a Concert Review - A Research Guide for Students